Weddings Title

What is most important when it comes to your wedding dj? Customization! Most Utah wedding djs have a formula for what they think makes a good night and tend to impose that formula on the bride and groom. The djs at Spin Doctor M.D. believe that a perfect wedding is one that goes exactly as the bride and groom desire. From traditional wedding ceremonies with formal dances, to one of a kind off the wall weddings, the Spin Doctor M.D. is dedicated to tailoring all of the details exactly how you have in mind. One couple may want a highly interactive dj that is very vocal and in front of the audience a lot, while others may prefer a more laid back dj that focuses more on taking requests. The Spin Doctor M.D. always customizes the level of interaction, formality and music to the specific request of the bride and groom. Many brides and grooms are concerned that their wedding dj will embarrass them or their guests, or lull them to sleep because they are simply pushing buttons. We pride ourselves on making sure that your day goes your way.

All wedding packages include an in-person consultation to ensure that all of the details are understood and implemented perfectly. At this consultation you can discuss the different songs that you want played for you formal dances, back ground and party music. You can choose to have our djs announce the wedding cake cut, bouquet toss, garter toss, toasts and other announcements that you may want. With hundreds of weddings under our belts, the djs at Spin Doctor M.D. can help make suggestions on how to make your perfect night even more special.

Please feel free to review our event planning sheets to get an idea of some of the dj related details that you will plan at your wedding consultation.